Hurco - Machine Tool Builder

Hurco gets you from print to part faster
with their vast range of reliable CNC machines!

The Hurco CNC control powered by WinMax® makes job shops more profitable because it is designed to make small batch/high mix production efficient by reducing setup time and programming time.
Hurco has been leading the industry in CNC machine tool technology for over 50 years, generating scores of patents. Hurco is known for making reliable CNC machines with the most flexible CNC control in the industry by providing both NC and conversational programming that is easy to learn and use.

The WinMax control

The integrated MAX 5 control and conversational programming powered by WinMax® is the most versatile and intuitive out of any of the CNC controls in the industry. More importantly, each feature has benefits that you can measure in terms of increased productivity, which leads to increased profit for your machine shop. Hurco’s engineers are focused on continual improvement and they are driven to develop CNC control technology that will make your business more profitable.
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